TEDx Riga 2019 Tiešraides translācija Teikumā

22. novembrī gan Teikums Ausma, gan Teikums Teodors būs iespējams skatīties TEDx Riga 2019 tiešraides translāciju. Pasākuma valoda ir angļu un latviešu valoda, un tulkojums tiks nodrošināts latviešu valodā. Sākot no plkst. 15:00 visiem translācijas skatītājiem tiks nodrošināts arī alus.

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Īsi apraksti par runātājiem:
1) Liene Ozoliņa is a political sociologist who has written on post-socialist democratisation, neoliberalism, and politics of time. She holds a PhD in sociology from the London School of Economics, where she currently teaches sociology, and has also studied social theory at the University of Amsterdam and sociology and humanities at the Latvian Academy of Culture. Liene recently published her first book, "Politics of Waiting: Workfare, Post-Soviet Austerity, and Ethics of Freedom," which examines the austerity regime that followed the 2008 global economic crisis. The book offers a sociological critique of the Latvian "success story".

2) Anna Ķirse is regarded as one of the brightest young composers in Latvia. Her work flourishes outside the walls of conventional concert halls and crosses the boundaries of different genres. Anna's most recent opera, ''Tree Opera. Wind Throws.'', premiered in August in Finland and has been hailed as a phenomenon of both culture and nature. Her achievements have not gone unnoticed. Her composition ''Radices'' represented Latvia in the prestigious international contest ''Rostrum,'' she was nominated for the Latvian Contemporary Art Prize - the Purvītis Prize, and received the Latvian Academy of Music and LMT Annual Award for outstanding achievements in music and creativity. She has just finished her master's degree in composition at the Latvian Academy of Music and is currently working on commissions by the Icelandic ensemble ''Nordic Affect'', the Swedish Paetzold flute player Anna Petrini and on a composition for the State Choir Latvia that's set to premiere next year in Switzerland.

3) Dāvids Kļaviņš is a musical engineer, pushing the boundaries of how pianos are made. He builds vertical concert grand pianos, which are the largest in the world. His forray into building musical instruments started at the age of 15, when he quit school to do something more hands-on and eneded up as an apprentice at the Schimmel Pianos factory. Uninspired by the status quo of piano building, Dāvids set out to discover improvements to the already globally-accepted grand piano. In 1987 he presented his first creation – 3.7 meter high piano the 'Giant'. Though it took another 20 years to find the market and financial support to continue this endeavour. In 2018 in Berlin he presented a 4.5 meter high vertical piano, which served as a kickoff point his growing business.
Now his pianos are used in studio recordings, digital sound libraries, and are being built into concert halls around the world.

4) Ilvija Pūce is a lawyer and staunch human rights advocate with a focus on the prevention of torture and ill-treatment. With over twenty years of experience, she has worked at both national and international levels, building expertise on human rights law and systems. Her main focus is the situation in closed institutions. She has participated in field missions assessing conditions of detainee treatment in many countries, including Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Malta, etc., and has shared her expertise with stakeholders in Kosovo, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Montenegro, Armenia etc. After serving for 12 years as a member of the Council of Europe Committee for the Prevention of Torture, she has most recently been elected to the UN Committee against Torture.

5) Aleksander Tõnnisson has always been involved in the tech, IT, and startup scene. He is currently a venture partner in. Cocoon, which is a startup de-acceleration program that focuses on startup founders' personal development instead of the company's. He is also managing partner in the Buildit Seed Fund for IoT and co-founder of the Buildit Hardware Accelerator, the first startup accelerator in Northern and Eastern Europe investing in hardware startups. He has invested in 60+ hardware companies with founders from 17 countries.
He previously developed hardware and software solutions for the German navy fight and transportation helicopter and airplane simulators as well as air traffic control simulators for the German Air Forces.

6) Andris Gauja is a Latvian film director with an interesting ability for finding unusual subjects and characters. His films have been praised by audiences and critics alike, impressive in their ability to navigate uncomfortable ethical and social issues and relationships. Andris is well known for his documentary "Family Instinct", a film about incest, which has received several prestigious awards and international recognition. Despite that, he decided to switch to fiction and directed the drama "The Lesson" on teacher-student relationship, which was the most watched Latvian film in 2014. This year the director finished a 5 year project, "Nothing Can Stop Us Now", a visually stunning film dealing with crisis of masculinity, which has already received nine nominations for "Lielais Kristaps", the Latvian National Film Awards.

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